GCE Regulator Base Control RG BASE PROP25/3.5W21.8LHG3/8L Gas-Prop Inlet Pressure-200 Bar Outlet Pressure-0-10 Bar Flowrate-30 m3/h PART NO.870088


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Gas specific inlet connection is used on each version of the GCE BaseControl®. Quality sealing faces and brass nut ensure gas tight connection with cylinder valve. BODY AND BONNET The body of the GCE BaseControl® is forged from pressure resistant brass. The channels and faces inside the body are machined using latest technology of CNC machines and
tools. The bonnet is Die-casted from the Zn-Al alloy to prepare
optimal space for pressure adjustment system and other internal components. Connection between body and bonnet
is designed to give high resistance against external and internal stress.PRESSURE GAUGES Both high pressure and low pressure
gauges show the value on three scales: bar, kPa (kilo pascal) and psi (pound per square inch). The connection to the regulator body is G1/4“. Gauges 50mm diameter conform to ISO 5171.HANDWHEEL
Ergonomic plastic hand wheel allowing the operator to correctly adjust the outlet pressure or flow rate. The pressure adjustment system gives
the possibility to set the optimal outlet parameter according to application request. OUTLET CONNECTION
The outlet of the GCE BaseControl® is prepared to make gas-tight connection with
outlet flashback arrestor or hose nipple INLET STEM Inlet stem is made of brass. It is designed for
up to 230 bar inlet pressure and contains high-pressure sintered filter. PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE
PRV is the safety device protecting low-pressure chamber of the regulator against over pressurazing
from high-pressure chamber. PRV relieves out of the regulator the pressure which could exeeded
adjusted safe value in case of malfunction or accident. FEATURES, ADVANTAGES, BENEFITS
● Cylinder regulator conforming to ISO 2503
● Safe operation with high compressed gases up to 230 bar cylinder fi lling pressure.
● Available in following variants:
– Oxygen 230/10 bar
– Acetylene 25/1,5 bar
– Propane 25/4 bar
– Ar/Ar-CO2
mixtures 230/24 l/min
– CO2
200/24 l/min
– Gas speci c cylinder connection according to standards
– GCE BaseControl® SE regulator with side con guration of the inlet connection (side entry)
– GCE BaseControl® BE regulator with bottom con guration of the inlet connection (bottom entry)
● Oxygen adiabatic shock safety
● Regulating valve protected against mechanical particles of size 50μm by inlet fi lter
● Protection of the low pressure part with integrated pressure relief valve
● Pressure values are shown on the gauges in three major pressure units scales: bar, kPa, psi
● Flow gauge showing the value in litres per minute (l/min)
● Useful in various applications as e.g.:
– Shielding gas arc welding
– Flame welding
– Oxy-fuel cutting
– Flame brazing
– Di erent heating processes